Open acsm file on mac

Find the file that was downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions and open it in a file converter program that supports the format that the book is in, like Zamzar or Calibre. From there, convert it to a format suitable for your needs, like AZW3 if you want to to use the e-book on your Kindle device. In Windows, this is most likely in the C: Since it's a bit different than other file formats, if you can't open your ACSM file, make sure to take note of any errors you see. If there's an authentication error when opening the e-book , chances are that you're not logged in under the same ID that purchased the book or you don't have ADE installed.

However, if you've done everything right and your file still isn't opening with the suggestions from above, double-check the file extension to make sure it actually reads "ACSM.

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Updated September 05, The item is an acsm-file and have not idea what that means. Anyone can help me out please? ACSM is simply the tag to get your book Look elsewhere for more info but I have a memory of either ADE or Sony Reader Library misbehaving on the Mac for library books but it doesn't matter, you simply use the one that works An acsm file is kind of like a ticket to get an e-book.

After you download an acsm file, go to the Downloads folder with Finder and open the file. Sony Reader Library software supports library ebooks as well as ebooks purchased from Sony and third-party stores, so you should install that instead. Once installed, open the ebook Store from the left pane of the application and create an account. After you're registered, you can use DRM-protected files, including library ebooks. Just click the acsm file from Finder and Reader Library will process the file and download the ebook. Alternately, you could use Calibre to transfer books to your device, but you'll still need Reader Library or Adobe Digital Editions to turn acsm files into ebooks.

Library books work fine with the Mac. My local library has a great selection, and I borrow quite frequently from them! One caution: ADE for Mac installs fine on your Mac, but your Sony ereader won't show up as a device to transfer to.

Install Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 on Mac OS X

As of January, there are no plans to fix this issue. No problem though. You just need to install the Sony Reader Library software on your Mac.

That's what I do! Thanks for everyone's help so far. OK I did doubleclicked the ascm file, nothing happened.

How to Open ACSM File on Different Devices?

I went to the download folder with Finder and opened the file So something is not right. Then type Cmd-I. In the Info box that opens, if you scroll down a bit, there should be a drop-down submenu for Open With. There is also a button to select "Change All I open a window showing my Downloads folder, with the window half-sized or partially minimized so that it doesn't take up the whole computer screen.

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Sorry I don't know the correct terms for things in the Mac world, but maybe you will understand what I am getting at. I am thrilled to learn through reading this thread that I can simply click on the ascm file, and either ADE or the Sony Library or whatever it is called software will open up and open the file. All that dragging-and-dropping was getting tedious. Last edited by redbees; at I think I see a flaw in this discussion Originally Posted by elcreative.

Read ACSM File Ebook using Adobe Digital Editions

So, bcgirl, if you want to try out the Sony Reader Library software, go to their website, sonystyle. Originally Posted by redbees. So, you redownloaded ADE, and registered it to your Mac with an Adobe account email address, correct? Now you can get practice checking out, opening and reading a book from your local library, all on your computer.

How to Convert ACSM to PDF

After gaining that experience you can either download Sony's Reader Library software and install it in advance of buying your Sony, or you can wait, and you will find the Reader Library Software present on the reader, waiting to be installed on your Mac. You will need to register both your computer and reader with Sony, but their instructions for doing so are pretty clear, and oughtn't to present a problem. Good luck.

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