Book appointment at mac store

This article explains how you can make an Apple Genius Bar appointment. Apple has recently changed how genius bar appointments are made.

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Apple has made it a little bit difficult now. It seems that Apple wants to offer support mainly via online live chat or phone calls.

2. Genius bar appointment via the web site

There are two ways to do this: 1 you can use the Apple Store app or 2 you can make a reservation via the Apple support web site. Here is how:. Now you have your Genius Bar reservation. Apple will also send you an confirmation email. You can easily cancel or reschedule it if you want to.

Make sure you back up your device before going. I am trying to make s reservation at the Genius Bar at Apple in Nanuet.. My I phone is locked again—I need an appointment at the Spokane Store—How do I do this I can not find a phone number land line for the store.

For getting the right support, here’s a genius idea.

Bought an Xr was told it would come with an ATT sum card. It did not. If you want to get help from the Apple Geniuses, you have to book an appointment with them beforehand. We have discussed in this article a total of 2 methods to book an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar. We hope that you are now able to book an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve your problems.

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How to: Setup a Genius Bar Appointment

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Get help with Apple services or software.

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Book an Apple Service Appointment with MAC1 via Apple Support

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How To Make Appointment at Apple Store Just In Two Minutes - The Mac Smack

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    Why You Should NOT Just Walk into the Apple Store to Buy Your Mac

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